I am Ireti Oba-Okojie
TalkSexWith Ireti

I help you take sexual intimacy from zero to mind blowing.
I help you enjoy a pleasurable sexual experience with your spouse.
Begin your journey to enjoying a great sex life with your partner. This is an erotic WhatsApp sex coaching class that teaches in details pro sex tips to spicing up the bedroom. Sex tasks to explore are shared, exciting ways to give pleasure, enjoying sex and every detail you need to know in enjoying a satisfying sex life. Our main focus in this class is to enjoy sex, and give good sex to your partner.
What do I need to know to get in a session with me or enrol for my classes?​

All sessions are done virtually. We currently do not do in-person or physical sessions.

All sessions are via zoom, google meet or any reliable virtual meeting app.

Your first session is booked as a single session. You can decide to book a subsequent session or follow up with a coaching class.

This session with me involves listening, coaching you and guiding you through therapy.
This is a close up session with me to start your journey to a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

This is a personalized coaching class tailored to suite your sexual goals. I teach you about your body, enjoying pleasure, giving your partner pleasure and experiencing a better sex experience with multiple orgasms.


Resolving sexual issues
Majority of the couples and individuals are faced with different kinds of sexual issues like loss of lubrication or low lubrication, sexual dysfunctions and conditions, trauma, low libido, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and many more.
If you experience any of these challenges, I can work with you by helping you identify the triggers, determining the root cause, analyzing these challenges, overcoming these sexual problems and start enjoying sex again.
Your progress is monitored, tasks will be given to help you on your journey, and a follow up session will be required to evaluate your progress.
I help couples enjoy sexual intimacy, build sexual excitement in their relationship.

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