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Pheeewww... Ayaf learnt bad bad things in this place finish ooo 🙈... Chai! Even me I cannot believe the things I did this night ooo . Coach ooo! Weldone!
Na different level I dey now ooo.

You know I've never really liked the doggy thing and only do it just to please my partner and since I don't exactly like it, I get pissed if you want to drag the quickie longer than necessary and I can just stop and switch to sucking.
However, with these last few days' classes, I've been able to introduce grinding into the doggy and this is crazy wild as that way, I am not just pounding away on the dick without the needed friction on my clit. See just small quick grinding and we were both catapulted out of space ooo. Chai! This one sweet me ehn.. weldone coach!😊😊😊

Anonymous sender

Ireti’s style of coaching is one of a kind.
She is fun to engage and just has her way of winning you totally to love this thing called sex.
I enjoyed all her classes and learnt a lot.
I was exposed to a new world of sex exploration and my husband is happy.
Thank you coach ireti

Anonymous sender

I honestly feel your charges are underpriced.
I got value for money.
I had always thought the blowjob class will just be a scene lifted from a porn video and all that.
I was surprised to see it was you taking the class. It was explicit. Wow!
You are so good at this. I had to tell myself, if your fellow woman can teach so excellently well like this, it’s time to make oga happy!
You are a good teacher. You taught all the basics and I can proudly say I am doing well. Hubby loves the way I blow him now.

Anonymous sender

You are so full of life and your professionalism is top-notch.
It’s a different vibe in your classes, it’s another level of seriousness in your sessions.
I enrolled for your class and sessions and I got different packages.
I mean the session was highly educational. I learned a lot. I thought I knew it all.
The class is another vibe on its own. Always made me desire sex

Henrietta (PH)

Your class was highly informative.
I am glad I took that bold step. It’s the oral techniques for me. Welldone.

Please hide my identity

My sex life is way better compared to before.
Thank you coach ireti

Sam (Benue)

We are glad you embarked on this journey with us
You gave us in depth education on everything sex.
As virgins, we were scared of our first-time sex. With the deep knowledge gotten during our therapy session with you, our experience was smooth and easy.
We have been having great sex.

Thank you, coach.

MR and Mrs Kalejaiye


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